Welcome To Heli-Muster (NT)

Heli-Muster began back in 1976 and started as a two machine operation used for aerial cattle mustering. Under the ownership of John Weymouth, the company flourished to become a major player in the Northern Australian mustering industry.

At its mustering peak in the mid 1980's the company had up to 26 operational mustering helicopters across the top end at any one time, which consisted of Bell 47’s and Kawasaki KH4’s until the advent of the more modern Robinson R22, which was introduced in the late 1980’s.

From day one the main hangar and base for the company has been located at Victoria River Downs (VRD), in the northwest of the Northern Territory, known as the Victoria River district. Today, the company now trading as Heli-Muster NT Pty Ltd continues to operate out of VRD, with a fleet of R22 and R44 helicopters and also two fixed wing aircraft, as a private family owned company.

The helicopters are spread across the northern end of Australia with machines as far away as Halls Creek in Western Australia, East to Arnhem Land, and venturing as far south as Alice Springs.

Aerial photo of Victoria River Downs Station
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